Art Inn Barquinha and Barquinha Nature House are two of NS Contract’s recently completed projects.

ART INN BARQUINHA and BARQUINHA NATURE HOUSE provide rural tourism options in the form of two converted countryside houses. They are situated in the town of Vila Nova da Barquinha, in Santarém, central Portugal.

Both houses are the result of a restoration project on pre-existing buildings in the traditional style associated with the town of Barquinha. The houses have 15 and 12 bedrooms, respectively, as well as a lounge, breakfast room, exhibition space and an area for the sale of local products.

The interior design project developed by Ana Oliveira is built around unique and personal touches that reflect the value of the space and the surrounding region. NS Contract supplied the interior design and furniture for the rooms.

These spaces, with their splendid location, offer a fresh new departure in rural tourism with various leisure activities to help visitors get to know the area, such as walking trails, themed tours and cycle routes. 

Places to discover:



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