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Our brands NS Mobiliário NS Contract NS Office NS Revestimentos

With over 40 years’ experience, Neves & Santos SA is a family business that produces and sells furniture. 

Given the need to expand, in 2010 we established the NS Group, which today comprises the following brands:  NS Contract, NS Mobiliário, NS Revestimentos and NS Office, reflecting the modern and diverse nature of our company. 

We are located near Fátima, in central Portugal, and in recent years we have invested as a Group in expanding our facilities. Today the factory occupies 6,000 m² and an area of 4,200 m² is dedicated to warehousing and logistics.


6000 m2


At NS Group we are proud of our technological edge. The latest technology, entrusted to our team of qualified professionals, attests to our continual investment in the innovation and quality of our products.

Well established in Portugal, and forging a growing presence elsewhere, the Group is active in Switzerland, France and Spain, while having a strong presence in Africa, where we operate in 12 countries. 

The NS Contract and NS Mobiliário brands are noted for excellence and have made a significant contribution to the recognition of the Group. 

In NS Group we design, produce and execute global projects to create harmonious spaces. Our goal is to achieve the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality, while responding to the specific needs of each space and being attentive to the well-being of its users.


4200 m2


The journey

  1. How it all began

    António Neves set up his carpentry and furniture making business. The first workshop was built on a 150m2 plot and there were two employees.

  2. Creation of the company

    Neves & Santos Lda was created. The business consisted of António Neves and José Neves.

  3. Expansion of the facilities

    The manufacturing facility was enlarged to 1300m².

  4. Expansion of the facilities

    The manufacturing facility was enlarged to 3.300m².

  5. Showroom

    The building was extended to accommodate 700 m² of showroom space over 3 floors.

  6. The first CNC equipment was installed, along with the first automated painting line.

  7. We participated in the Feira do Mobiliário furniture exposition of Exponor-Porto.

    The factory layout was restructured.

  8. We featured in the Intercasa exhibition at Lisbon International Festival.

    The bulk materials and storage areas were extended.

  9. We became a limited company.

  10. Mobifit was set up.

    The Mobifit brand was set up to provide furniture and interior design for hotels.

  11. Logistics warehouse

    A 4200m² logistics warehouse was built.

  12. Internationalisation

    The company’s first international activity.

  13. The Horeq trade show in Madrid

    Mobifit has a presence in the Horeq Furniture and Interior Design for Hotels trade show in Madrid.

  14. The factory façade was renovated.

  15. NS Group Visual Identity

    The company’s visual identity was redesigned, creating NS Group and its brands: NS Contract, NS Mobiliário, NS Revestimentos and NS Office.

  16. Bolsa de Turísmo de Lisboa (BTL) International Tourism Exhibition

    We attended the Bolsa de Turísmo de Lisboa (BTL) International Tourism Exhibition.

  17. International Fair in Cape Verde

    NS Contract attended the International Fair in Cape Verde.

  18. NS Mobiliário at Expo House Concept

    NS Mobiliário attended Expo House Concept in Batalha, Portugal.

  19. Kaizen methodology was implemented into our production system.

  20. NS Contract attended DecorHotel Lisbon.

    Construction of the second Logistics warehouse

  21. NS Contract attended DecorHotel Oporto.

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